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Content description VCAVAV006

Visual Arts / Level B / Visual Arts Practices
Content description
Experience some materials and techniques to make artworks
  1. exploring techniques, technologies materials and processes through supported learning experiences for example use materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth and other natural materials to create a collages or sculptures
  2. exploring material through sensory art experiences, for example bubble, shaving cream or soap flake painting
  3. using basic tools and different mediums to create art works in supported art experiences
  4. learning to use basic tools appropriately to create an art work, for example holding and using basic familiar utensils such as a paint brush, roller or sponge for short period of time or attempting to continue to use utensil after demonstration
  5. using different mediums in structured learning experiences such as wet and dry materials, clay, play dough to create art works
  6. exploring the techniques that can be used with different materials in structured art experiences for example, rolling, brushing, rolling, overlapping
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