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Content description VCAVAV026

Visual Arts / Levels 3 and 4 / Visual Arts Practices
Content description
Explore visual conventions and use materials, techniques, technologies and processes specific to particular art forms, and to make artworks
  1. selecting and experimenting with forms, styles, materials and technologies to explore symbolism and use of visual conventions by various cultures and times, for example, how colour and pattern are perceived symbolically in different cultures
  2. discussing artworks and how they are made for specific communities or cultures, for example, what clues in the artwork tell them where it was made, by whom, and why
  3. experimenting with styles of expression from different cultures and times in their artworks, for example, realistic, symbolic, narrative, abstract
  4. discussing the materials and techniques used to make artworks and developing artworks based on this investigation, for example, what the artwork is made of, what choice of material is used to enhance the audience’s understanding of the artist’s intention
  5. practising a variety of techniques and using various technologies to find different ways of interpreting a theme and/or subject matter, for example, making a simple animation or storybook
  6. manipulating and experimenting with combinations of various materials and technologies to create effects, for example, using crosshatching to create tone or design elements to focus attention in a composition
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