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Content description VCAVAV035

Visual Arts / Levels 7 and 8 / Visual Arts Practices
Content description
Experiment with materials, techniques, technologies and processes in a range of art forms to express ideas, concepts and themes in artworks
  1. imagining and refining their visual and spatial expressions of the world, combining a variety of materials, techniques and technologies
  2. problem-solving with increasing confidence to expand their repertoire of visual arts practices and skills, for example, designing a mural for a local space
  3. exploring artists use of materials and techniques to create artworks for public spaces, for example, researching the context of time and place, culture and ideology as an influence on the look and meaning of art in public spaces
  4. developing and refining technical skills when designing and making visual arts images and objects, employing safe and sustainable practices
  5. annotating their own and others’ art making by keeping a written or digital journal, or portfolio
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