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Content description VCAVAV043

Visual Arts / Levels 9 and 10 / Visual Arts Practices
Content description
Conceptualise, plan and design art works that express ideas, concepts and artistic intentions
  1. analysing and documenting the practices of selected visual artists and designers, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, to investigate their use of materials, technologies, techniques and processes, when developing their intentions
  2. developing an individual focus for a series of artworks based on a given theme, concept or subject matter
  3. developing different options for making artworks in different forms, that have similar concepts, for example, artworks made from different materials or produced in a different form to change the meaning of the artwork
  4. applying their understanding of traditional art, craft and design practices to plan the use of materials, technologies and processes in a contemporary context
  5. planning, manipulating and/or appropriating images, objects and spaces into new contexts and meanings, applying a personal aesthetic
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