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Content description VCAVCDP003

Visual Communication Design / Levels 7 and 8 / Present and Perform
Content description
Develop and present visual communications for different purposes, audiences and in response to specific needs
  1. using the visual communication design process and identifying the steps applied to develop visual communications that communicate ideas to a target audience.
  2. justifying how decisions were made in the visual communication design process through an oral presentation explaining the development and refinement of a visual communication design
  3. applying ethical, environmental and sustainable choices when creating visual communications, for example, the use of materials that suit audience needs, interests and values and those which are sustainable and ethical
  4. considering the placement and use of images and type to communicate ideas in a visual communication
  5. investigating the use of images to convey meaning in visual communication designs, for example, What is the intended message of the visual communication, and which methods best convey ideas to the audience?
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