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Content description VCAVCDP009

Visual Communication Design / Levels 9 and 10 / Present and Perform
Content description
Develop a brief that identifies a specific audience and needs, and present visual communications that meet the brief
  1. refining visual communications in different design fields using manual and digital methods and justifying the method used relevant to the design field selected
  2. refining visual communications by applying and documenting the use of design elements and principles, materials and media relevant to a design brief
  3. using creative, critical and reflective thinking to generate, develop and refine ideas for visual communications
  4. investigating different locations and contexts where visual communications are presented, for example, the context and location of where the work is presented and their influence on the communication of ideas
  5. investigate historical and social contexts and their influence on visual communication fields, for example, the development of a brand identity in the marketplace
  6. applying ethical understanding to communicate ideas in visual communications, for example, acknowledging the source of existing imagery in a visual communication or the use of appropriate imagery for the age of the target audience
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