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Content description VCAVCDR005

Visual Communication Design / Levels 7 and 8 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Identify and describe the use of methods, media, materials, design elements and design principles in visual communications from different historical, social and cultural contexts
  1. identifying the effectiveness of methods, media and materials in a range of visual communications
  2. identify the use of design elements and principles in a range of visual communications and how these are used to effectively communicate ideas and engage the target audience.
  3. identifying how design elements and principles are used in combination with drawing conventions, materials, methods and media to communicate ideas to a target audience
  4. discussing how the use of materials, methods, media, design elements, design principles are applied to visual communication styles from different times and places, for example, investigating presentations from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the styles that reflect particular ‘countries’ and groupings
  5. discussing the influence of the target audience on visual communications, for example, how the target audience and purpose of a visual communication affects the use of design elements and principles and processes in visual communications
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