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Content description VCAVCDV002

Visual Communication Design / Levels 7 and 8 / Visual Communication Design Practices
Content description
Use manual and digital drawing methods and conventions to create a range of visual communications
  1. using observational drawing to represent form, materials and surface textures
  2. using visualisation drawings by making a series of quick freehand sketches that communicate ideas in relation to a target audience, for example, a package for a fragile object, or a typography design
  3. discussing the purpose of drawing in visual communication design, for example, how can a two dimensional shape be depicted visually to represent a three dimensional form?
  4. using paraline and orthogonal drawing systems to illustrate simple packaging forms
  5. demonstrating the relationship between manual and freehand drawing conventions, for example, developing a series of concept drawings for a mobile application and then refine them in a computer vector based program
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