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Content description VCAVCDV008

Visual Communication Design / Levels 9 and 10 / Visual Communication Design Practices
Content description
Use manual and digital drawing methods to create visual communications in the specific design fields of Environmental, Industrial and Communication Design
  1. developing and refining visual communications using relevant drawing conventions and methods specific to a selected design field such as environmental, industrial and communication design
  2. investigating the use of drawing systems to communicate ideas in different design fields, for example, manual, digital or technical drawing systems used in the different design fields of industrial, environmental and communication design.
  3. selecting manual and technical drawing conventions relevant to different stages of the design process, for example, visualisation, development and refinement
  4. using paraline, orthogonal and perspective drawing systems to communicate concepts in the development and refinement of visual communications
  5. selecting and applying relevant manual and digital drawing methods conventions in the design process to communicate ideas
  6. investigating the history of drawing conventions in visual communication design, for example, how drawing conventions relevant to specific design fields have changed over time, considering the use of methods, materials and media
  7. evaluating the use of personal aesthetic, visual language and drawing conventions when creating visual communications
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