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Content description VCCCL033

Civics and Citizenship / Levels 9 and 10 / Laws and Citizens
Content description
Describe the key features of Australia’s court system, including jurisdictions and how courts apply and interpret the law, resolve disputes and make law through judgments, and describe the role of the High Court in interpreting the Constitution
  1. creating a visual representation of the court jurisdictions in Australia
  2. categorising sample cases in relation to the courts in which they would be heard, for example cases from criminal, consumer, family, human rights and environmental law
  3. describing the role of a particular court, for example a supreme court, a magistrates court, or the Family Court of Australia
  4. analysing how court judgments impact on the development of law, for example the role of precedents
  5. examining the jurisdiction of the High Court
  6. investigating an example of a High Court judgment in interpreting and applying Australian law, such as the Mabo decision
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