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Content description VCCCTQ033

Critical and Creative Thinking / Levels 7 and 8 / Questions and Possibilities
Content description
Suspend judgements temporarily and consider how preconceptions may limit ideas and alternatives
  1. reflecting on whether any preconceptions such as safety or ‘price point’ can be used to test the quality of ideas
  2. challenging the inclusion of a feature of an object taken for granted, such as a lid on toothpaste tubes, and how this expands ideas for product innovations
  3. investigating an issue such as improvements to liveability of another place, and exploring how differences in places mean that preconceptions should be suspended
  4. identifying their preconceptions about a particular text and considering the influence of these preconceptions on how they react to an adaptation of the text, for example to a film adaptation of a novel
  5. exploring barriers and enablers for the greater inclusion of voices, for example in issues concerning lowering the voting age or setting gender quotas and how greater or less inclusion might affect the range of useful ideas
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