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Content description VCCCTQ045

Critical and Creative Thinking / Levels 9 and 10 / Questions and Possibilities
Content description
Challenge previously held assumptions and create new links, proposals and artefacts by investigating ideas that provoke shifts in perspectives and cross boundaries to generate ideas and solutions
  1. investigating changes to scientific understanding over time, including how new discoveries helped to shift understandings and considering how existing understandings might be shifted in the future
  2. discussing how challenging assumptions and being open-minded can assist in developing enterprising behaviours, supported by research on specific entrepreneurs
  3. investigating how food myths and fads have been challenged and community perspectives shifted, when planning a community health initiative
  4. exploring change in scale as a way to shift perspective, for example beginning with asking ‘what if we could only buy and eat food grown locally’ and then asking ‘what if we could only buy and eat food grown regionally/nationally’ as part of a process for generating suggested responses to improve food security or mitigate an environmental challenge
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