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Content description VCCCTR046

Critical and Creative Thinking / Levels 9 and 10 / Reasoning
Content description
Examine a range of rhetorical devices and reasoning errors, including false dichotomies and begging the question
  1. identifying why a claim in a persuasive text such as ‘when will people stop being so greedy?’ or an interview question asked by a journalist such as ‘what are you afraid of?’ is begging the question and how begging the question is often used as a term for circular arguments
  2. discussing how false dichotomies are used, for example by stakeholders in political issues when they try to persuade
  3. analysing a range of examples to explore when particular forms of reasoning are legitimate and when they are fallacious, for example, ad hominin arguments and the relevance of criticising the person making the argument rather than the argument itself; or hasty generalisations and whether an evidence base is sufficient enough to generalise from
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