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Content description VCDSCD018

Design and Technologies / Foundation to Level 2 / Creating Designed Solutions / Investigating
Content description
Explore needs or opportunities for designing, and the technologies needed to realise designed solutions
  1. identifying, gathering and playing with materials, components, tools and equipment to generate personal design ideas, for example designing a greeting card for a friend
  2. exploring opportunities around the school for designing solutions, for example how school play areas could be improved; how the school removes classroom waste and identifying opportunities to reduce, recycle and re-use materials; reviewing the school canteen menu to identify healthy food options and suggesting changes to promote good health
  3. discussing possible designed solutions based on experience and some research, for example asking adults for advice
  4. considering the importance of sustainability in designed solutions, for example comparing the durability of materials for a selected solution
  5. exploring which tools, equipment and techniques to use with selected materials
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