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Content description VCDSCD038

Design and Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Creating Designed Solutions / Investigating
Content description
Critique needs or opportunities for designing, and investigate materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to achieve intended designed solutions
  1. exploring the steps involved in the process to satisfy a design brief, need or opportunity
  2. investigating designed solutions from around the world to make suitable, quality decisions that meet the design brief, challenge or scenario
  3. identifying the importance of complementary parts of working, everyday systems by deconstructing the components, structure and purpose of products, services or environments
  4. testing a range of materials, components, tools and equipment to determine the appropriate technologies needed to make designed solutions, for example, a moving vehicle
  5. investigating how to minimise material use and manage waste by critiquing the environmental and social impacts of materials, components, tools and equipment
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