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Content description VCDSCD061

Design and Technologies / Levels 9 and 10 / Creating Designed Solutions / Generating
Content description
Apply design thinking, creativity, innovation and enterprise skills to develop, modify and communicate design ideas of increasing sophistication
  1. using techniques including combining and modifying ideas and exploring functionality to generate solution concepts
  2. undertaking functional, structural and aesthetic analyses of benefits and constraints of design ideas, for example to different communities and environments including those from the countries of Asia
  3. re-imagining designs to feature emerging technologies
  4. considering competing variables that may hinder or enhance project development, for example weight, strength and price; laws; social protocols and community consultation processes
  5. producing drawings, models and prototypes to explore design ideas, for example using technical drawing techniques, digital imaging programs, 3D printers or augmented reality modelling software; producing multiple prototypes that show an understanding of key aesthetic considerations in competing designs
  6. communicating using appropriate technical terms and recording the generation and development of design ideas for an intended audience including justification of decisions, for example developing a digital portfolio with images and text which clearly communicates each step of a design process
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