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Content description VCDSCD062

Design and Technologies / Levels 9 and 10 / Creating Designed Solutions / Producing
Content description
Work flexibly to safely test, select, justify and use appropriate technologies and processes to make designed solutions
  1. refining technical skills and using production skills with independence to produce quality designed solutions and to reduce risks in production
  2. using materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques safely and considering alternatives to maximise sustainability, for example using timber because it stores carbon and offsets the demand for alternative products
  3. experimenting with innovative combinations and ways of manipulating traditional and contemporary materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques, and recording findings in a collaborative space to debate the merits of each with peers
  4. explaining safe working practices required for a specific classroom design project for individual or community use
  5. modifying production processes to respond to unforeseen challenges or opportunities, for example when producing bulk quantities of recipes, lower than average rainfall and impacts on growth, materials with unexpected faults
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