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Content description VCDSTC014

Design and Technologies / Foundation to Level 2 / Technologies Contexts / Engineering principles and systems
Content description
Explore how technologies use forces to create movement in designed solutions
  1. exploring how the principles of push and pull are used in the design of toys, for example in a spinning toy such as an Aboriginal mammandur
  2. identifying, and playing and experimenting with, components such as wheels, balls, slides, springs and available local materials, tools and equipment to solve problems requiring movement
  3. selecting materials to demonstrate how material properties are appropriate for particular designed solutions, for example materials that enable sliding or floating
  4. exploring a system such as a marionette or Indonesian wayang kulit shadow puppet to see that movement can be created by combining materials with forces
  5. combining materials and using forces in design, for example designing the door on a cage or a simple conveyor belt to move materials short distances
  6. exploring how to manipulate materials using a range of tools, equipment and techniques to create movement, for example when constructing a toy boat that floats and moves
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