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Content description VCDSTC017

Design and Technologies / Foundation to Level 2 / Technologies Contexts / Materials and technologies specialisations
Content description
Explore the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to create designed solutions
  1. exploring designed solutions to meet individual, family and community needs with a focus on materials, for example fabrics used for sports clothing, soft fall for play spaces
  2. developing new meanings for objects and action during play, for example exploring how household packaging can be used to represent other objects
  3. exploring systems used in the classroom or community for creatively dealing with problems and needs, for example storage systems for equipment, traffic system flow for drop and go zones, the use of hoists and ramps to facilitate access
  4. exploring facilities in local environments for accessibility and environmental impact, for example location of bike tracks and sporting fields using digital maps to view local area
  5. exploring materials, components, tools and equipment through play to discover potential uses when making products or modelling services and environments, for example when designing and making clothes, toys and shelters
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