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Content description VCDSTC027

Design and Technologies / Levels 3 and 4 / Technologies Contexts / Materials and technologies specialisations
Content description
Investigate the suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment for a range of purposes
  1. conducting experiments and tests to understand the properties of materials, for example strength, durability, warmth, elasticity
  2. investigating the mass production of products to ensure standardisation, for example students setting up a production line to produce a product for a school fete
  3. investigating the suitability of technologies (materials, systems, components, tools and equipment) when creating a designed solution, for example, a toy for a young child, a composting system for household waste management, raised garden beds for improved access, weaving nets, bags or baskets
  4. comparing how different components interrelate and complement each other in a finished designed solution, for example investigating and playing with joining processes for a variety of materials in the production of common products
  5. investigating local constructed environments to compare how buildings were constructed in the past and in the present and noting innovations
  6. analysing designed solutions from a range of technologies contexts with consideration of possible innovative solutions and impacts on the local community and the sustainability of its environment
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