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Content description VCDSTC034

Design and Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Technologies Contexts / Engineering principles and systems
Content description
Investigate how forces or electrical energy can control movement, sound or light in a designed product or system
  1. deconstructing a product or system to discover how movement, sound or light can be controlled, for example deconstructing a torch or buzzer and exploring circuit design
  2. investigating the properties of materials to solve problems requiring the control of movement, sound or light, for example directing light through a maze using mirrors
  3. investigating how biomimicry can be used by engineers and designers, for example the ways plant and animal adaptations can be copied to solve human challenges, for example the Japanese building Sendai Mediatheque based on seaweed-like tubes
  4. recognising the need to carefully plan and select components for a system to perform a specific task
  5. producing models using materials, tools and equipment to show how to control movement, sound or light in structures, for example the design of a house with passive solar; the use of optical fibre in directing sunlight; acoustics of recording studios
  6. investigating the technologies in a control system for an identified need or opportunity and user, for example a system that allows safe passage at pedestrian crossings
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