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Content description VCDSTC036

Design and Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Technologies Contexts / Food specialisations
Content description
Investigate the role of food preparation in maintaining good health and the importance of food safety and hygiene
  1. using the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating food model and government-endorsed food policies to plan food choices
  2. describing and using safety guidelines for food storage and preparation at home and school, for example, use and care of chopping boards, methods of preparing and storing fruits and vegetables to ensure optimum quality and nutrient content, identifying food safety considerations when bring lunches from home to school
  3. experimenting with tools, equipment, combining ingredients and techniques to create food products or meals for selected groups for healthy eating taking into consideration environmental impacts and nutritional benefits
  4. considering traditional and contemporary methods of food preparation used in a variety of cultures, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander methods
  5. identifying work practices that show an understanding of nutrition, environmental considerations, hygiene and food safety when creating a food product, for example, washing fruit and vegetables carefully to remove residues, safe disposal of cooking oils to avoid environmental damage, refrigerated storage of highly perishable foods
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