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Content description VCDSTC045

Design and Technologies / Levels 7 and 8 / Technologies Contexts / Engineering principles and systems
Content description
Analyse how motion, force and energy are used to manipulate and control electromechanical systems when creating simple, engineered solutions
  1. investigating influences impacting on manufactured products and processes such as historical developments, society, new materials, control systems and biomimicry, for example the development of velcro
  2. experimenting to select the most appropriate principles and systems on which to base design ideas, for example structural components to be tested for strength
  3. calculating an engineered system’s outputs, for example speed, brightness of light, volume of sound
  4. producing prototypes and jigs to test functionality, including the use of rapid prototyping tools such as 3D printers
  5. using code to control systems, for example code to program a microcontroller or a simple, object-based coding application to program a system such as a remote-controlled car or simple robotic arm
  6. investigating components, tools and equipment for example testing the durability of batteries, determining the effective range of wireless devices
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