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Content description VCDSTC047

Design and Technologies / Levels 7 and 8 / Technologies Contexts / Food specialisations
Content description
Analyse how characteristics and properties of food determine preparation techniques and presentation when creating solutions for healthy eating
  1. examining the relationship between food preparation techniques and the impact on nutrient value, for example steaming or frying vegetables
  2. investigating how a recipe can be modified to enhance nutrient benefits, and justifying decisions, for example by replacing animal fats with vegetable fats
  3. analysing food preparation techniques used in different cultures including those from the Asia region and the impact of these on nutrient retention, aesthetics, taste and palatability, for example stir-frying or steaming
  4. explaining how food preparation techniques impact on the sensory properties (flavour, appearance, texture, aroma) of food, for example the browning of cut fruit, the absorption of water when cooking rice
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