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Content description VCDSTS033

Design and Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Technologies and Society
Content description
Investigate how people in design and technologies occupations address competing considerations, including sustainability, in the design of solutions for current and future use
  1. reflecting on the features of designed solutions that ensure safety and wellbeing of users, for example smoke alarms
  2. evaluating the sustainability implications of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment, for example materials can be recycled or re-used to reduce waste; systems may benefit some, but disadvantage others
  3. considering the impact designed solutions have in relation to sustainability and also on local, national, regional and global communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and countries in the Asia region
  4. reflecting on the importance of aesthetics, function and sustainability in designed solutions, for example, a textile product that gives protection and is appealing, a motor that moves a vehicle and uses a sustainable power source
  5. identifying the components of a service or system that contribute to its success and assessing potential risk or failure, for example, communication in the school or communication of a message to a wide audience; a system that manages an aspect of the environment; a campaign such as Clean Up Australia Day in different communities
  6. identifying the impact of the designed features of an environment , for example a modification to a home to reduce environmental impact; restoring a natural environment and retaining access for the public
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