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Content description VCDSTS043

Design and Technologies / Levels 7 and 8 / Technologies and Society
Content description
Examine and prioritise competing factors including social, ethical, economic and sustainability considerations in the development of technologies and designed solutions to meet community needs for preferred futures
  1. considering factors that influence the selection of appropriate materials, components, tools and equipment, for example Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ sustainable practices, custodianship and connection to Country
  2. investigating how ethics, social values, profitability and sustainability considerations impact on design and technologies, for example animal welfare, intellectual property, off-shore manufacturing in Asia
  3. analysing an environment to decide if it meets personal or community needs, for example consulting with family members when designing an enhancement to an indoor or outdoor home environment
  4. critiquing competing factors that influence the design of services, for example a natural disaster warning system for a community
  5. investigating the ethics of using surveillance systems while balancing privacy, security and safety concerns
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