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Content description VCDSTS044

Design and Technologies / Levels 7 and 8 / Technologies and Society
Content description
Investigate the ways in which designed solutions evolve locally, nationally, regionally and globally through the creativity, innovation and enterprise of individuals and groups
  1. exploring how designed solutions have changed over time and predicting future developments, for example home entertainment, communications or food packaging
  2. considering the rights and responsibilities of those working in design and technologies occupations, for example consideration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols
  3. exploring the use and development of systems for navigating unfamiliar environments, for example a service to help tourists engage with a heritage area
  4. investigating traditional and contemporary design and technologies, including from Asia, and predicting how they might change in the future in response to factors such as social change and the need for more sustainable patterns of living
  5. identifying needs and new opportunities for design and enterprise, for example promotion and marketing of designed solutions
  6. investigating how developments in materials, tools and equipment influence designed solutions
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