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Content description VCDTCD018

Digital Technologies / Foundation to Level 2 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Explore how people safely use common information systems to meet information, communication and recreation needs
  1. sharing and describing ways that common information systems can be used to meet communication needs, for example computers can be used as phones and social networking tools allowing communication between families living in different regions
  2. recognising and discussing the need for cyber-safety when using online information systems, for example recognising that shared personal information can be used for undesirable purposes and that using a password is a means of protecting identity
  3. recognising safe ergonomic practices when children are playing with information systems, for example recognising the need to take regular breaks to avoid eye strain and repetitive strain injuries
  4. discussing how a range of information systems support personal needs and impact on others, for example text to speech software can be used to meet the communications needs of people with vision loss
  5. sharing ideas about the ways information systems are being used by families and friends in everyday life, for example comparing current digital play equipment with play equipment of 20 years ago
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