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Content description VCDTCD025

Digital Technologies / Levels 3 and 4 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Explain how student-developed solutions and existing information systems meet common personal, school or community needs
  1. investigating how information systems are used in communities and explaining what needs are being met, for example students jointly creating a short survey and collecting data about how many community residents use the online library borrowing system to download e-books and why
  2. visiting an online museum, for example accessing an international museum online and being able to zoom in on the textures of historic Asian objects
  3. exploring information systems that suit particular home or personal needs, for example using speech recognition software that can help speakers whose language background is not English, or a system to monitor energy or water consumption in the home
  4. testing the adequacy of student-developed solutions, for example asking a classmate to review a digital solution and provide feedback
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