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Content description VCDTCD030

Digital Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Define problems in terms of data and functional requirements, drawing on previously solved problems to identify similarities
  1. checking existing solutions to identify features that are transferable to new but similar digital solutions, for example identifying if there are any similarities, such as user age and special requirements, between an existing game and a new game to be created
  2. investigating characteristics of user interfaces that are common for particular types of problems, for example, touch screens encourage users to respond more intuitively than keyboards, or the consistent placement of symbols in games to speed up users' responses
  3. using and interpreting data, establishing the root cause of a problem, for example using an annotated diagram to identify omissions, duplications or mismatches of data
  4. describing in simple terms the nature of a problem and what a solution needs to achieve, for example what need the problem is associated with, who the solution is needed for, what data are needed and what features the solution would need to include
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