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Content description VCDTCD031

Digital Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Design a user interface for a digital system, generating and considering alternative design ideas
  1. exploring different features of user interfaces that allow people from different cultures to access information irrespective of language background, for example using icons and consistently placing icons or symbols in games interfaces to reduce the frustrations of game players
  2. applying the principles and elements of design to a set of requirements in order to produce a user interface for a system that addresses an identified need, for example to emphasise or highlight an area of the screen to draw the viewer’s attention to an event or action
  3. designing the user interface of a solution using different design tools, for example using a storyboard to outline the stages of a game or a mock-up to show the placement of icons
  4. generating alternative design ideas for a user interface, for example sketching different concepts for a splash screen of a game or interactive multimedia experience or designing different user interfaces for people with visibility loss, taking into account size of icons and responsive font size
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