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Content description VCDTCD033

Digital Technologies / Levels 5 and 6 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Develop digital solutions as simple visual programs
  1. experimenting with different options that involve repeat instructions, for example a continually repeating slideshow, a repeated movement in an animation, a repeated calculation in a spreadsheet
  2. planning and developing a solution using a visual programming language, for example designing and creating a simple computer game involving decisions and repetitions, suitable for younger children, requiring user input to make selections, taking into account user responses
  3. following a design and creating a solution that is interactive, using a visual programming language, for example creating a quiz that provides feedback on responses and allows the user to try again
  4. programming a robot to operate independently, for example to find its way out of a maze
  5. experimenting with different ways of instructing to make choices and repeat instructions, for example using ‘IF’ statements to allow for making choices and iterations (repeat instructions) until a goal is achieved
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