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Content description VCDTCD041

Digital Technologies / Levels 7 and 8 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Design the user experience of a digital system, generating, evaluating and communicating alternative designs
  1. designing the user interface of a solution using a range of design tools, for example using a storyboard to explain the stages of a game, and wire-frames and mock-ups to describe the appearance of a solution
  2. identifying features that make an effective game, such as storyline, goal, reward, gameplay and environment
  3. identifying similar digital systems and their user interfaces, assessing whether user interface elements can be re-used
  4. devising criteria and comparing alternative design ideas that address a problem, for example evaluating two design outlines on the basis of attractiveness, ergonomics, ease of use, emotional satisfaction and accessibility
  5. applying the principles and elements of design to a series of solutions to evaluate the success of each solution in holding the viewer’s attention, for example identifying which colour combinations or framing of visual elements keep different audiences engaged with on-screen activity
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