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Content description VCDTCD051

Digital Technologies / Levels 9 and 10 / Creating Digital Solutions
Content description
Design the user experience of a digital system, evaluating alternative designs against criteria including functionality, accessibility, usability and aesthetics
  1. designing the user interface of a solution using story boards and mock-ups, for example mocking up the product design of an app for people with disability
  2. identifying similar digital systems and existing user interfaces, assessing whether their elements can be reused
  3. evaluating aspects of the total user experience, that is, all aspects of the system as perceived by the users, for example, a user’s initial experience of setting up and using a system, or a user’s emotional or cultural response to using a digital system
  4. designing documentation, branding and marketing for a digital solution, for example a product demonstration screencast or ‘getting started’ user guide
  5. applying the principles and elements of design to a client’s requirements and evaluating the success of a solution through an iterative feedback process, for example using customer feedback to refine a user interface to provide access to important features more effectively
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