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Content description VCDTDI014

Digital Technologies / Foundation to Level 2 / Data and Information
Content description
Recognise and explore patterns in data and represent data as pictures, symbols and diagrams
  1. sorting objects and events based on easily identified characteristics and using digital systems to represent patterns in data, for example sorting birthdates and presenting the patterns using seasonal symbols
  2. making generalisations about data sets, for example comparing different ways of travelling to and from school using classroom data, discussing results and finding patterns in modes of travel
  3. experimenting with different ways of representing patterns, for example using materials, sounds, movements or drawing
  4. exploring patterns of objects or symbols to represent data, for example the symbol 12 may represent different data to 21
  5. learning about how data are represented by changing pixel density (resolution) in a photograph and noting the change in file size to successfully email to a friend
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