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Content description VCDTDI038

Digital Technologies / Levels 7 and 8 / Data and Information
Content description
Analyse and visualise data using a range of software to create information, and use structured data to model objects or events
  1. using features and functions of software to summarise data to create information, for example calculating a simple budget of income and payments and creating a summary table for analysis
  2. visualising data to create information, for example displaying geocoded data on a map
  3. applying a set of conditions to a spreadsheet to organise and filter data, for example using conditional formatting to highlight the state of particular cells, and filtering and sorting categorical data using column filters
  4. querying an existing database to extract data for analysis, for example devising multiple selection criteria or using simple structured query language (SQL) SELECT statements to select records and retrieve specified fields
  5. describing the attributes of complex objects, for example defining the records, fields, formats and relationships of a simple dataset
  6. modelling the attributes of real-world objects for a computer game
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