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Content description VCDTDS045

Digital Technologies / Levels 9 and 10 / Digital Systems
Content description
Investigate the role of hardware and software in managing, controlling and securing the movement of and access to data in networked digital systems
  1. explaining how an operating system manages the relationship between hardware, applications and system software
  2. comparing the similarities and differences of two common operating systems based on characteristics such as protection, control, processing and storage
  3. identifying how changes to the configuration of an operating system change the operation of hardware and software components in a networked digital system
  4. explaining the role of hardware and software components in allowing people to interact with digital systems, for example using a mouse or touch pad or screen, speech, accelerometer
  5. investigating the operation and use of robotic process control systems
  6. explaining encryption of data as a means of protecting data, for example secret keys and ‘exclusive or’ (XOR) and hashing algorithms to digitally sign data
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