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Content description VCEALC002

EAL / Level A1 / Communication
Content description
Respond simply to questions and prompts
  1. recognising familiar question stem words such as ‘Who’, ‘Where’, ‘Do’
  2. understanding common or personal questions, for example ‘How old are you?’, ‘What sports do you like?’
  3. giving simple responses, such as nodding, ‘yes’, ‘no’, short learnt phrases
  4. responding to questions with a single word or phrase but making longer utterances by substituting words in known sentence patterns
  5. expanding on basic personal information when prompted, supported and given adequate time, such as ‘My name is ...’, ‘I come from …’
  6. borrowing and adapting key words from questions, for example by reordering, as in Teacher: ‘Are you finished, Ali?’ Student: ‘Ali finished’
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