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Content description VCEALC085

EAL / Level A2 / Communication
Content description
Negotiate familiar social and learning situations using language appropriate to the situation
  1. negotiating in a range of familiar situations, such as explaining a problem to a teacher, negotiating the rules of a game with a friend, participating in a class discussion, describing an object, ordering at the school canteen
  2. participating in classroom discussions about familiar topics or new topics that are well supported by visual material and/or scaffolding provided by the teacher
  3. negotiating activities with peers in small group tasks, such as suggesting, agreeing, disagreeing, clarifying
  4. participating in short, structured social interactions, such as exchanging basic information about family or school
  5. initiating and managing interaction through conversational formulas, such as ‘Sorry, you help me?’
  6. making simple requests and expressing needs, thoughts and opinions, such as ‘May I go to the toilet?’
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