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Content description VCEALL152

EAL / Level A2 / Linguistic Structures and Features / Grammatical patterns
Content description
Write sentences and phrases that reflect simple written-like structures
  1. using a wider range of sentence beginnings, for example foregrounding time or place rather than people
  2. writing a series of short statements in time sequence, for example ‘I eat breakfast. I go to school. I read a book’
  3. grouping together short sentences about the same topic, for example ‘Frogs are green. Frogs have big eyes. They eat insects’
  4. connecting clauses into basic compound or complex sentences using common conjunctions such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘and then’, ‘because’, ‘so’
  5. using simple pronoun references to avoid repeating the subject in consecutive sentences, for example ‘Archie came to school early. He felt very tired’, ‘Yesterday the class went … We went …’
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