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Content description VCEALL154

EAL / Level A2 / Linguistic Structures and Features / Grammatical patterns
Content description
Use a small range of basic verb forms accurately
  1. using common simple past tense forms with the suffix ‘–ed’ consistently, though overgeneralising rules for some less common irregular past tense verbs, such as ‘catched’, ‘freezed’, ‘waked’
  2. using common irregular past tense verbs, such as ‘went’, ‘said’, ‘had’
  3. using a range of simple tenses with varying accuracy, such as ‘Yesterday teacher talking about cooking’, ‘I go to beach Saturday’
  4. maintaining simple past tense consistently across a short text such as a recount
  5. using more complex tenses inconsistently, for example ‘I have never eat it before’, ‘We caught the train then walk to the park’
  6. using some common imperatives appropriately, such as ‘Draw …’, ‘Stop’, ‘Mix the …’, ‘Cook the ...’
  7. expressing simple negative constructions accurately, for example ‘I do not like …’
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