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Content description VCECD002

Ethical Capability / Foundation to Level 2 / Decision Making and Actions
Content description
Explore the type of acts often considered right and those often considered wrong and the reasons why they are considered so
  1. considering a range of actions and typical reasons people use to justify whether an act is right or wrong, for example, whether the action breaks rules or results in harm
  2. exploring the reasons for a widely held remembrance or commemoration, for example, the meaning and significance of Australia Day as a public holiday
  3. identifying acts many people associate with good and bad behaviours and discussing reasons for these, for example, behaviour in groups such as teams, audiences or social communities
  4. classifying acts as right and/or wrong and discussing what is common and different in the reasons why, for example, sharing a small amount of water between many thirsty people, pushing someone out of the way and copying, appropriating or reworking someone’s ideas or solutions
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