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Content description VCECD012

Ethical Capability / Levels 5 and 6 / Decision Making and Actions
Content description
Explore the significance of ‘means versus ends’ by considering two ways to act when presented with a problem: one that privileges means and one ends
  1. investigating a choice such as posting an image of a friend and justifying why someone should or should not post the image, in terms of means and ends
  2. responding to a range of ethical dilemmas and comparing responses that focus on means (where the most important consideration is the action itself, such as being honest regardless of the consequences) and responses that focus on ends (where the most important consideration is the likely outcome, such as making someone happy even if it means lying to them)
  3. analysing the position 'the end justifies the means' and the tension between means and ends in different contexts, for example, experimentation on people or other animals, the collection and use of data, making consumer decisions, selecting/training teams in sport or making civic decisions such as removing homeless people from areas during an event
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