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Content description VCECD018

Ethical Capability / Levels 7 and 8 / Decision Making and Actions
Content description
Discuss the role of context and experience in ethical decision-making and actions
  1. discussing the impact of experience on the decisions of a character in response to ethical problems over the course of a narrative, for example, Lockie Leonard
  2. investigating why people may apply different reasoning in different circumstances , for example, in situations involving friends or strangers, work or leisure, or different places or cultures
  3. using examples of acts to investigate whether there are exceptions to claims such as ‘failure is never good’, ‘fighting is always wrong’, ‘selfishness is never good’, ‘caring is always good’ and considering the importance of context and experience in justifications for exceptions, for example, failure of a physical challenge versus a medical operation, fighting a war versus fighting in a brawl, aiming to win a game versus maximising profit, and doing something for someone when they are injured versus not injured
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