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Content description VCECU011

Ethical Capability / Levels 5 and 6 / Understanding Concepts
Content description
Examine how problems may contain more than one ethical issue
  1. exploring the nature of an ethical dilemma in which there is a choice to be made between at least two options, none of which gives an ethically acceptable result, for example, choosing who to put in a lifeboat when there are limited places, or whether someone should tell the shop owner that they their friend is shop-stealing expensive medicine for their poverty stricken mother, or, whether to stop and help someone and miss an entrance exam, or whether to quit a sport team in a small town knowing that then there will not be enough players and the team will fold
  2. investigating a problem such as responding to a natural disaster and identifying the ethical issues involved immediately and into the future
  3. researching an historical example such as Batman’s 'treaty' and its validity, identifying the different ethical issues involved and from whose point of view
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