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Content description VCELA204

English / Level 1 / Language / Phonics and word knowledge
Content description
Manipulate phonemes by addition, deletion and substitution of initial, medial and final phonemes to generate new words
  1. recognising words that start with a given sound, end with a given sound, have a given medial sound, rhyme with a given word
  2. recognising and producing rhyming words
  3. replacing sounds in spoken words, for example replace the ‘m’ in 'mat' with 'c' to form a new word 'cat', deleting the 'f' from 'farm' to form a new word 'arm', and substituting the 't' in 'pet' with 'n' to form a new word 'pen'
  4. saying sounds in order for a given spoken word (for example f/i/sh, th/i/s)
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