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Content description VCELA290

English / Level 4 / Language / Text structure and organisation
Content description
Understand how texts are made cohesive through the use of linking devices including pronoun reference and text connectives
  1. knowing how authors construct texts that are cohesive and coherent by using pronouns that link to something previously mentioned, determiners (for example 'this', 'that', 'these', 'those', 'the'), text connectives that create links between sentences (for example 'however', 'therefore', 'nevertheless', 'in addition', 'by contrast', 'in summary')
  2. identifying how participants are tracked through a text by, for example, using pronouns to refer back to noun groups/phrases
  3. describing how text connectives link sections of a text providing sequences through time, for example ‘firstly’, ‘then’, ‘next’, and ‘finally’
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