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Content description VCELA295

English / Level 4 / Language / Phonics and word knowledge
Content description
Understand how to use spelling patterns and generalisations including syllabification, letter combinations including double letters, and morphemic knowledge to build word families
  1. using phonological knowledge (for example long vowel patterns in multi-syllabic words) and consonant clusters (for example 'straight', 'throat', 'screen', 'squawk')
  2. using visual knowledge (for example diphthongs in more complex words and other ambiguous vowel sounds, as in 'oy', 'oi', 'ou', 'ow', 'ould', 'u', 'ough', 'au', 'aw'), silent beginning consonant patterns (for example 'gn' and 'kn')
  3. applying generalisations, such as doubling (for example 'running') and 'e'-drop (for example 'hoping')
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