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Content description VCELT407

English / Level 8 / Literature / Examining literature
Content description
Recognise, explain and analyse the ways literary texts draw on readers’ knowledge of other texts and enable new understanding and appreciation of aesthetic qualities
  1. exploring how some writers use terse and relatively simple language choices while others use more elaborate and complex syntax
  2. examining the language patterns, including sentence patterns, in a range of short texts and discussing the effect on readers’ interpretation of these choices
  3. writing or speaking about a literary text and outlining the impact of the text on a listener, viewer or reader, for example in a journal in which students reflect on their personal responses and on how language and structural features in the text contribute to its impact
  4. discussing, debating and assessing remakes of literary texts and their effectiveness and purpose
  5. discussing, debating and assessing book or film series, sequels, prequels, fan fiction sites, tie-in publications or merchandise
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