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Content description VCELY441

English / Level 9 / Literacy / Texts in context
Content description
Analyse how the construction and interpretation of texts, including media texts, can be influenced by cultural perspectives and other texts
  1. comparing perspectives represented in texts from different times and places, including texts drawn from popular culture
  2. identifying, comparing and creating relationships between texts (including novels, illustrated stories, social issue cartoons, documentaries, multimodal texts)
  3. reflecting on the notion that all texts build on a body of prior texts in a culture
  4. analysing and identifying how socio-cultural values, attitudes and beliefs are conveyed in texts, for example comparing and analysing perspectives about an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issue reported in commercial media compared to public and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media
  5. analysing and interpreting assumptions about groups that have shaped or influenced representations of people, places, events and things and identifying how listeners and readers are positioned by these representations
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